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Cardio Oncology Monmouth Cardiology Associates

Our goal at Monmouth Cardiology Associates is to provide the clinical cardiac care and support of patients before, during and following their cancer therapy.

The Cardio-Oncology Program seeks to identify those patients who may be at high risk for chemotherapy induced cardiotoxicity. Cardiotoxicity is damage to the heart caused by harmful chemicals or radiation. Our concept is to proactively prevent cardiotoxicity rather than treat it after it develops. 

What Exactly “IS” Cardio-Oncology and Why Do “YOU” Need a Heart Doctor?

Cardio-Oncology is the intersection of heart disease in patients who are going or who have gone through treatment for Cancer and the effects of the Cancer treatments on the cardiovascular system. Cardiologists assess these patients for potential risk of developing heart conditions if they have taken certain types of Cancer drugs (Chemotherapy) or Radiation treatment to the chest. The Cardiologists collaborate with the Oncologists to protect and provide comprehensive care for their patients before, during and after treatment by closely monitoring the patient for any signs of Chemotherapy induced heart related complications. Some of these complications may include; high blood pressure, heart rhythm abnormalities, heart valve complications, coronary artery disease and direct cardiotoxicity.

What Can You Expect From The Cardio-Oncology Team – Coordinated, Patient Centered Approach to Treatment

Through innovative imaging techniques such as Strain Echocardiography, Angiography and Cardiac MRI, we can identify those patients who are potentially at high risk and we are able to modify their risk factors and minimize potential cardiotoxicity. In addition, for those patients who have already developed cardiotoxicity as a result of their chemotherapy, we are able to begin treatment through the use of cardioprotective medications such as Beta-blockers, Selective ACE-inhibitors and ARB’s while the patient is able to keep receiving their necessary chemotherapeutic agents, while minimizing their risk.

Who To Contact

If you would like more information, please contact the Nurse Liaison at Monmouth Cardiology’s Cardio-Oncology Department at; (732) 663-0300.



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