Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Personalized Care Management

Support when you need it – In Between office visits.

You deserve the highest quality of care, which is why it’s important that you’re offered more help between visits. MCA sponsored RevUp helps you successfully manage your health day-to-day and keeps your MCA Cardiologist up-to-date on how you are doing.

  • Easy to use MCA recommended care management tool
  • Personalized coaching directly from a dedicated RevUp Health Care Team, lead by a Registered Nurse.
  • Privately track important health information that is shared only with your RevUp Health Care Team and MCA.
  • Your MCA Cardiologist will review regular updates on the progress you are making in between office visits.

MCA’s Chronic Care Management Program (CCM)

How it Works

RevUp helps you keep track of your health information, and monitor medications, connecting you to a health care team that supports you every step of the way.

  • Enroll in the CCM Program at your next office visit.
  • Connect anytime online and monthly with a Health Coach call.
  • Use the RevUp website, phone app or monthly phone call to track your health numbers and daily activities.
  • Receive RevUp health messages from your Health Care Team, online or over the phone.


Medicare Covered

Like all Medicare Part B services, a co-insurance payment is required. If you have a Medi-Gap-type supplemental medical policy, you may not be responsible for any payment.

Caregiver Program
If you would like some help with RevUp, ask about the Caregiver Program. With your permission, you can allow a trusted family member or Caregiver to record your
information on your behalf. Your caregiver will have full access to your RevUp account and can communicate with your Health Care Team.

Get Started With RevUp Today!

For more information, ask about RevUP at your next office visit!




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