A Letter to My Patients

A Letter to My Patients from Dr, T. Rizzo  Monmouth Cardiology Associates

It is with great difficulty and a great deal of mixed emotions that I inform you that I will be retired effective May 1, 2021.  Unfortunately, my health has taken a turn for the worst and I do not feel that I would be physically able to maintain the rigors of a cardiology practice in this stage of my life.  I have been fortunate of having the privilege of you entrusting your health care with me.  I have known so many of you for so long, I consider many, if not most of you, as close as family which makes this retirement much more difficult for me to accept.  However, I hope that you will continue to have keen interest in your future healthcare needs.

To that end, I am committed to ensuring that you continue to receive the high-quality care that you have enjoyed with us over the many years.  I would hope and highly recommend that you feel comfortable enough to continue your care with one of my colleagues at Monmouth Cardiology.  The office will ensure that your care remains continuous and that your future healthcare needs are met.  I ask that you contact my office to schedule an appointment with any of the physicians in the practice.  If you already have an appointment scheduled after May 1, I have asked my office to contact you to reschedule such appointment.  Please note that I do this with my deepest regrets.

Again, I would hope that you would continue your healthcare with a Monmouth Cardiology physician, however, if you choose to seek your care elsewhere, we will have no issue and would be happy to transfer all records to any physician at your request, or if you so decide we can release these records directly to you.

Once again, I have greatly valued our relationship and friendship over the many years.   I hope that you stay healthy and successful in all your endeavors for the future.

With the greatest deal of respect,

Thomas F. Rizzo, MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI






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